Church Blog (Page 65)

Church Blog (Page 65)

Come back weekly to find out what’s happening at VBF Church! Here you can catch weekly announcements from various ministries or thought provoking blogs from our leaders.

This weeks Announcements – 2/17 – 2/23

This Week’s Events: Monday, February 17 – Sunday, February 23   Monday Events – February 17 -JHM Field Day BBQ (10 am, Football Field)   Off Grounds: -HSM Guys Bible Study (6:30 pm)   Tuesday Events – February 18 -Hospital Visitation Team (10 am)   CSUB Offices: -Men’s Bible…

February 12th Announcements for VBF CHURCH

-Announcements: -Plus One Ministry: Bring a $1 bill with you to church on Sunday, Feb. 23 –$1 can make a HUGE impact when we join forces, bring $1 on Sunday, Feb. 23 as we will be blessing someone in need right here in our VBF family! -Prisoner Books: Purchase a book for a prisoner for $10 -Pastor Ron’s books are extremely popular with our local prisoners and…