Announcements (Page 25)

Announcements (Page 25)

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This weeks Announcements – 2/17 – 2/23

This Week’s Events: Monday, February 17 – Sunday, February 23   Monday Events – February 17 -JHM Field Day BBQ (10 am, Football Field)   Off Grounds: -HSM Guys Bible Study (6:30 pm)   Tuesday Events – February 18 -Hospital Visitation Team (10 am)   CSUB Offices: -Men’s Bible…

February 12th Announcements for VBF CHURCH

-Announcements: -Plus One Ministry: Bring a $1 bill with you to church on Sunday, Feb. 23 –$1 can make a HUGE impact when we join forces, bring $1 on Sunday, Feb. 23 as we will be blessing someone in need right here in our VBF family! -Prisoner Books: Purchase a book for a prisoner for $10 -Pastor Ron’s books are extremely popular with our local prisoners and…