Guest Speaker: Shawn Harper
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Guest Speaker: Shawn Harper

Shawn Harper is a former NFL player, a successful businessman, and a premier inspirational and motivational speaker. He is also on the move for the kingdom of God, changing lives and minds for the better through his dynamic, upbeat and exhilarating interactive training sessions, seminars and workshops.

Shawn’s parents divorced by the time he was eight years old. Shawn had several documented learning disabilities which caused him to fear academics and suffer low grades. This contributed to an unhealthy self-image and a poor outlook on life. He turned to gangs, violence and drugs in order to gain acceptance from his peers.

In his senior year, even though Shawn’s grades were poor, he was “discovered” playing high school football and given an opportunity to enter junior college. With hard work and determination, Shawn was invited to transfer to Indiana University to continue his studies and his game. Finally, his grandest dreams came true when he was drafted to the NFL as the third pick in the fourth round for the Rams.

Shawn was on top of the world, enjoying all the fruits of his labor—the fame, the fortune, the prestige—until his foundation crumbled under him after a major injury. At this lowest point in his life, he turned to God and asked Jesus into his life—he hasn’t been the same since! The Lord even restored him to football; he went on to play with two more NFL teams and had several seasons with NFL Europe.

Now Shawn is a minister with a passion to seek and save the lost. Shawn has a unique ability to address all types of groups and transcend all social, environmental and economic barriers. Shawn considers himself an investor for the Lord, pouring his life and his resources into the most valuable investment of all —God’s people.