VK K-1st Grade

VK K-1st Grade

VK K-1st Grade (Our K-1st Grades are located in Building D)

The VK K-1st, within the Children’s Ministry, exists to reach out to kindergarten and first grade children in the community by sharing God’s plan of salvation (the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ) and LEAD them into the daily lifestyle and knowledge of the power of prayer, God’s living Word, and worship. We advance each child in their spiritual maturity, spiritual gifts, and life service unto God.


Love God’s Children!
Exciting program and activities!
Advance their Faith!
Deepen their Biblical knowledge!

THE K-1st MINISTRY PROGRAM RUNS EVERY SUNDAY at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 6:00 pm and WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 7 pm.

Justin Greer Bio:
I’m Justin, but I’m known around here as J2. I’m the Children’s Co-Director at VBF. The calling of being a leader for these kids has been a huge blessing in my life. I get to see the joy of the Lord in these kids on a weekly basis.

Any questions please contact Justin Greer (J2):

Phone: 661- 325-2251 ext.140

Email: jgreer@vbf.org

Twitter/Instagram: @Curiousjustin