This weeks Announcements – 2/17 – 2/23

This weeks Announcements – 2/17 – 2/23

This Week’s Events: Monday, February 17 – Sunday, February 23


Monday Events – February 17

-JHM Field Day BBQ (10 am, Football Field)


Off Grounds:

-HSM Guys Bible Study (6:30 pm)


Tuesday Events – February 18

-Hospital Visitation Team (10 am)


CSUB Offices:

-Men’s Bible Study (7 pm)



Wednesday Events – February 19

-Moms Next (9 am, Station)



-Plus One Ministry: There will be people at each exit with baskets to place your $1 in!

-Prisoner Books: Purchase a book for a prisoner for $10

-Pastor Ron’s books are extremely popular with our local prisoners and bringing them closer to the Lord.

-Purchase a book to be given to a prisoner online or on Sunday on the patio.

-Band Tryouts: Email

-If you are interested in trying out for the worship team, please email

-We will have tryouts following service on Sunday, Feb. 23. A list of songs and chords will be emailed to you.

-Girls Gone Good: Saturday, Feb. 22, 9 am, Station 3:16

-Ladies, join us for a light breakfasting and an encouraging word!

-NEW VBF Website: Visit to see our new site

-If you have difficulty make sure and refresh the browser to see the new site.

-VBF is Going to the Movies: Sunday, March 2, 6 pm, Son of God

-We have rented 2 theaters at the Maya Cinema to see Son of God (rated PG 13)

-This powerful movie depicts the life of Christ.

-Tickets are $8 each and can be purchased outside on the patio TODAY.

-Mobilizing in March: Save the date, Saturday, March 15, 7:30 am, Station

-We will be going out and serving our local community here in Bakersfield.

-Receive a VBF t-shirt with a $5 donation.


Thursday Events – February 20

-College Group (7 pm, room 36)

-Valley Schools Talent Show (6:30, Station)


CSUB Offices:

-Women’s Bible Study (6:30 pm)



Friday Events – February 21

-Small Group Leaders Meeting (6 pm, room 38)

-College Guys Hang Out (6 pm, Station)

-Hip Hop Dance Program (6:15 pm, room 15, 16, 17)

-Set Free (7 pm, room 36)

Saturday Events – February 22

-Girls Gone Good (9 am, Station)

-HSM Beach Trip (9 am, off grounds)

-JHM Bako Takeover (11 am, off grounds)

-SLM Worship Practice (5 pm, Station)


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