VBF Nursery and Pre-School Ministry

VBF Nursery and Pre-School Ministry

VBF Nursery and Pre-School Ministry

The Nursery and Pre-School Ministry RUNS EVERY SUNDAY at 9:00am, 11:00am, 6:00pm, and WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 7 pm. (Check-In begins 30 minutes prior to service time)

Nursery: 6 weeks – 23 months (Our nursery is located in Building C )
Jennifer Crisp, Nursery Director
Phone: 661-325-2251 x118
Contact: jennifer@vbf.org

Preschool: 2 years – 5 years Pre-K (Our Preschool is located in Buildings F & G)

Purpose: To provide quality care and learning in age-appropriate settings for nursery and preschool environments during Sunday and Wednesday church services.

Method: VBF Church offers an interactive learning environment for your child to build relationships, love Jesus, and be a part of the vision to reach children with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. Since we believe that parents are the primary nurturers of their child’s spiritual development, we are excited to partner with families on their journey in teaching children to love God, care for people, make wise choices… and have fun along the way!


Your children will laugh and wiggle their way through interactive play, creative Bible storytelling, and expressive worship focusing on these basic, foundational truths:
.     God Made Me
.     God Loves Me
.     Jesus wants to be my friend forever!
During our time with your child, we will focus on the same basic truths for each month, as well as the same bottom line concept in order to help your child grasp the life application from the Bible stories they learn each week. Your child will have the opportunity to learn these truths and master the concept as we engage their five senses through engaging worship, dynamic storytelling, fun activities, and games!