It can be scary for many to think of joining any type of small group, church or social.  Going from a large church crowd where all are free to come, listen, and leave unnoticed to a situation where we may be asked to share our opinions amongst a group of strangers can be anxiety-inducing.  Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing, however, once individuals brave their very first meeting, they find that all previous doubts were unfounded.

5 Reasons to Join…

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Join a group!
  1. Friendships- Small groups have a way of bringing individuals together who share like-goals.  Along with a sense of community, forging long lasting relationships are also a probable outcome of being in a small group.
  2. Communication- Discussion is a key element in small groups.  All are encouraged to share thoughts and opinions with others and to openly communicate in a non-judgmental setting.
  3. Questions- Do you have any questions that church hasn’t answered for you?  Well you are not alone.  You could “Google” those questions to seek out the best fitted answer…or ask a real person.
  4. Leadership- Small group leaders have your best interests at heart.  You may go to your group leaders for prayer, wise counsel, or to be mentored.
  5. Growth- What better place to grow deeper in knowledge and wisdom than surrounded by people intent on the same purpose?  Join a small group to find out how positively you will grow in 2014.


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